Photofacial FAQ

Photofacial FAQ’s

Does the treatment hurt?

You may experience a feeling similar to that of a rubber band being snapped on your skin. Most patients do not report this to be painful however, the first couple of pulses are more of a surprise unless you have had the treatment done before.

Is there any downtime?

No. You may experience temporary redness. Only the lesions treated (not the entire face) will darken and crust, naturally shedding from the skin after approximately 10 days. You should continue to cleanse and moisturize the treated areas as normal. It is important to protect the treated skin from the damaging rays of the sun. A full sunblock should be used not a sunscreen.

How long will the effects last?

The treated spots will remain darker for seven to ten days. You will notice a gradual lightening of the spots, until they are gone. Sun spots can return if proper protection is not applied. Conditions such as rosacea or birthmarks may require ongoing treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments depend on the condition of the area being treated. You should see immediate results following the treatment of capillaries and pigmented lesions. Some lesions may require several treatments to fully erase or remove. The full results of a photofacial are not truly seen until the darkened treated spots have shed from the surface of your skin.

Can I treat other areas of the body?

Yes, we see success on other areas such as hands, arms, neck and chest area.