Micro-Needling Therapy


Micro-needling is a relatively new technology for improving the quality of skin tone. It involves a handheld device that contains multiple fine probes. These tiny probes puncture the skin, creating a controlled injury which stimulates the growth of collagen. So what’s the deal with collagen? Collagen is the substance that affects the look, firmness, shape and feel of your skin.

You could go to a doctor and have a more invasive procedure done to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles or scars, but then you have to be prepared for a long recuperation period and a costly procedure.

With micro-needling however, the appearance of your skin is greatly improved with minimal recovery time. The affected area may look a little pink or puffy for a day, like a sunburn. 

If you are ready to rid yourself of the fine lines around your eyes and upper lip or to start diminishing the look of acne scars or reduce pore size contact us to get started with your series today.