Vein Therapy


What are broken capillaries?

Telangiectasia is the official name for spider veins or broken capillaries. These are tiny thread-like red or blue veins often seen on skin’s surface.

What causes them?

Capillaries burst for a variety of reasons, most commonly, genetics, sun damage, Rosacea, trauma to the skin, and aging.

Help prevent broken capillaries.Your family genes are one factor you can’t change, but there are lifestyle habits that make capillaries more vulnerable to breakage.  Prevent broken blood vessels by changing a few simple things.

•  Reduce aggressive scrubbing or exfoliation.

•  Like mom said, don’t pop your pimples.

•  Limit your exposure to harsh environmental factors such as wind, heat or sun exposure.

•  Use a broad spectrum sunscreen and good moisturizer daily

•  Avoid vasodilators such as caffeine, alcohol & spicy foods which make capillaries look more pronounced.

Effective Treatment for Broken Capillaries (Spider Veins)

Radio Frequency or IPL Laser Treatment

These can be treated in our office in just a few minutes. Radio Frequency or Light/Laser energy is converted into heat in the skin. A blood vessel heated super fast will coagulate the blood eliminating if from the surface of the skin, whereas blood cells heated more slowly will shrivel and disappear over time. Both are effective.